Achievement Academy

Our Mission: To empower, offer hope, and give purpose through achievement.

At the Lawrence County Achievement Academy, we desire the very best for students. We want to create an environment where students can develop self-awareness and self-discipline. Our job is to challenge them academically and personally so that they can successfully return to their regular school. We realize that students are assigned to the Achievement Academy because of problems at their regular school. We will do our best to address those problems and help students correct them so they can be successful in a regular school environment. Students will achieve levels in the level system.

Academics: Students will be expected to do their best at all times. They will have an assignment for each academic subject each day. In addition, students will have assignments that focus on building positive skills, workplace readiness, and character education. Completing assignments each day will be absolutely necessary in order to earn levels.

School hours: 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Students may not arrive at school before 7:30 a.m. and must leave campus immediately after school dismisses.

Students should enter through the double glass doors of the JCBEC building on Brink Street and must come into the classroom as soon as they arrive at school.

Students must remain on campus during the school day. Students may not be on another Lawrence County School campus while enrolled at the Achievement Academy.

Tardiness will not be tolerated.

Searches: Students and their belongings will be subject to daily searches. Students should not bring any item that could be used as a weapon.

Tobacco or tobacco products, drugs or paraphernalia, toys or electronic devices (cell phones, ipods, etc.) are prohibited.

Should inappropriate or illegal items be found, both the parents and, when necessary, the legal authorities will be notified. Any prohibited items will be confiscated for three school days on the first offense, and with 2nd offense, items will be confiscated until the student completes the program.

Check in/out: Professional appointment should be made after school or on Saturday. When professional appointments (such as counselor’s or doctor’s appointments) are absolutely necessary and cannot be made after school or on weekends, they will not be excused without official notification from the office in question. Only a parent, guardian or prior approved adult will be allowed to sign a student out of school.

Visitor policy: Parents, social workers and designated court workers are always welcome at the Achievement Academy. All visitors will sign in and be subject to search. All visitors should present ID. If possible, the visitor should call and make an appointment with the school staff before the visit. Students are not allowed to have visitors other than those mentioned above.

Telephone policy: Students will not be allowed to use the phone except in the event of an emergency. Typically, a staff member will make that call for the student. Appointments, scheduling of rides and personal business are not considered emergencies. Any of those things that would require a phone call should be worked out before coming to school. If you need to get in touch with Achievement Academy staff, please call 762-5251 ext. 205.

Food/drinks: Free and reduced lunch forms should be filled out and turned in at the child’s regular school. Students may bring lunch from home or purchase school lunch daily. If the student is entitled to free lunch, it will be provided for them. Students may also bring snacks in their original unopened package as long as they clean up any crumbs or wrappers. If a student fails to clean up their crumbs or wrappers, they will lose their snack privileges. Level One students may only bring unflavored water into the classroom. Level Two and Three students may bring one flavored water, juice, or soft drink per day.

Beverages must be brought in sealed, unopened containers. All beverages must be opened in front of staff and consumed in the classroom. If a beverage is deemed suspicious by the staff, it will be discarded.

Attendance policy: Students need to be at school on time every day. Students are allowed no more than 5 absences per semester. This will include absences from their regular school. There are no make-ups for days missed. Absences will prevent students from attaining the next level.

If a student is absent, the parent will be called when school begins. For an absence to be excused, the student must bring an excuse from a physician, therapists, counselor, court officer, pastor, commanding officer, or funeral director as the case dictates.

Absences will lengthen the student’s stay in our program. A day will be added for each absence. Students who have more than 5 unexcused absences per semester will be referred to the attendance supervisor.

Transportation: Parents are responsible for transporting students to the Achievement Academy. Students may not drive themselves to the Achievement Academy campus, except for students who are licensed drivers and who have achieved Level Three status. Any bus transportation that might be provided will be revoked after one bus referral.

All vehicles parked on campus are subject to search at any time.

Restroom policy: Students will be escorted to the restroom.

Medications: A parent must bring any medication the student needs to the school in accordance with the county policy. Students may not transport medications to or from school. Specific doctor’s orders must accompany all medications. Once the proper forms are filled out, medications must be in their original container and will be counted and signed for by both staff and parent upon arrival. Parents are totally responsible for refilling medications; it will not be the staff’s responsibility.

Tobacco: No tobacco or tobacco products are permitted. Possession of these items on school grounds is a violation of state law. Those in violation will be petitioned to court.

Safety: If a student commits a zero tolerance (i.e. drugs or weapons) offense while at the Achievement Academy, or engages in fighting, he/she will be immediately suspended and turned over to the proper authorities. If a student is suspended from the Achievement Academy, he/she will automatically receive a court petition. If a student is a threat to the safety of the staff or the other students, the student will be turned over to the proper authorities.

Students should bring no more than $5.00 to school each day, unless the money is for their lunch account.

Dress code:

The dress code is designed to create a positive learning environment for students and to prevent clothes from becoming a distraction.

Good personal hygiene should be practiced by every student. It will be expected that each students be clean and freshly bathed before coming to school each day.

Shoes: Tennis shoes must be worn to school. They must be tied at all times or the laces tucked into the shoe. No other shoes will be permitted.

Pants: Jeans or slacks must fit well (not too loose or too tight), be worn above the hip, and be free of holes or tears or frays.

Pants must fall within these guidelines:

No wide leg pants

No sweat/athletic pants or joggers

No leggings

No logos, slogans, artwork

No cuffing of pants

No pants longer than the heel of the shoe

No shorts or capris of any kind

Shirts: Students will be provided three Achievement Academy tee-shirts to wear during their stay. These will be the only shirts students will be permitted to wear. In cold weather, students may wear a plain (no design or logo) long sleeve tee-shirt or turtleneck under the regular tee-shirt. Shirts must be tucked in completely at all times. Sleeves may not be rolled up. The shirts must be returned when the student leaves our school. If the shirts are not returned in good condition (i.e. are torn or stained) a $10.00 charge will be assessed for each shirt.

Belts: Belts must be worn at all times.

Belts must fall within these guidelines:

No ornamentation (studs, etc.)

No hanging belt ends. The end of the belt must fit through the belt loops.

No oversized buckles.

If a student is not in compliance with the dress code when they come to school in the morning, an extra day will be added to the student’s time at the Achievement Academy. Failure to be in compliance with the dress code will extend the student’s stay at our school.

No sunglasses, bandanas, or hats (i.e. head covering). One warning will be given. The second time the item is worn it will be confiscated and kept until the student leaves the program.

No body mutilation, including body piercing or tattoos. Existing tattoos must be covered at all times.

No jewelry or watches are to be worn or brought to school. One warning will be given, and then jewelry will be confiscated and kept until the student leaves the program.

No backpacks will be permitted.

Hooded jackets or overcoats may not be worn in the classroom. These will be hung up and left until afternoon dismissal.

Underclothing will not be visible at any time. It will be appropriate and gender specific and shall be worn at all times.

Facial hair is not permitted. Sideburns will be no longer than mid ear. Hair must be above the eyebrows.

Fingernails must be short and clean. Only clear polish will be permitted for female students. No artificial nails or colored polish is allowed.

Makeup may be worn by female students only and must be natural looking.

Hair must be a natural color. No dyeing, extreme highlighting, or bleaching of the hair will be permitted.

No hair sculpting, shaved heads or extreme haircuts will be permitted.

General School Policies:

Students are to exhibit good manners at all times. Students will use Mr. or Mrs. in front of the staff member’s last name. “Yes, sir,” “Yes, ma’am,” “no, sir,” “no ma’am” will be used consistently by students. Students should also learn to use the words “please” and “thank you.” These things will be absolutely necessary in order to earn levels.

Students will not buy, sell, trade or exchange items while at school. This includes food and clothing.

Gambling of any kind is not permitted.

Students will help maintain the school environment, preserve school property, and exercise care while using the school facilities. Students who destroy, damage, or lose school property will be held responsible for the cost of repairing or replacing the lost or damaged materials or equipment.

Students will take care of the computers. Students must be on task while using the computers. While using the internet, only appropriate, school related sites may be accessed. Students found to be in violation of these rules will lose computer privileges and will have to handwrite assignments and use books to do research for projects.

Students will not behave in an aggressive manner toward another student or staff member.

Students who are in possession of drugs, paraphernalia, or are believed to be under the influence of drugs will be turned over to the authorities.

Sexual harassment is not allowed in any form with either students or staff. There will be no relationships between students at the Achievement Academy (no exchange of phone numbers and or personal information)

Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated.

Students who are assigned to the Achievement Academy are prohibited from participating in any regular school activities from the time the assignment is made until they are successfully reinstated at their home school.


The Achievement Academy uses a three level system with increasing privileges and responsibilities. Students will receive a name badge that must be worn while on campus.

Level One: (Red) Orientation

Minimum time at this level- ten school days (if sent have to level out)

Twenty days ( if sent for a year)

At this level the student is expected to:

  1. Learn and follow all school rules, policies, and procedures
  2. Write an apology to the person(s) that he/she has offended at school
  3. Begin to deal with the behaviors that resulted in coming to the Achievement Academy
  4. Be respectful to staff at all times
  5. Follow all requests made by staff and peer leaders
  6. Bring only water into the classroom. Milk will be provided with lunch, if the student orders it.
  7. Eat lunch separately from Level 2 & 3 students
  8. Turn in all assigned work in a timely manner
  9. Write a level request before moving to level 2

Students will be escorted to the restroom and the restroom will be visually inspected by staff before the student enters and after the students leaves.

After the ten or twenty day period expires, students will be able to write a request to move to the next level. They will be evaluated based on their academic progress,

and their demonstrated ability to act in accordance with principles of fairness,

tolerance, safety, cooperation, treating others with respect, and taking responsibility for their own actions.

If a level one student violates the rules which would result in a loss of level, the level will be doubled.

LEVEL TWO: (Yellow) Responsibility

At this level the student is expected to:

  1. Continue to meet the standards of the previous level
  2. Demonstrate positive behavior and begin to encourage other students to be positive examples
  3. Show respect to self, other students, and staff in even the most difficult situations
  4. Show efforts toward begin a problem-solver instead of creating problems in the class
  5. Accept correction with a positive attitude and without arguing. If stating one’s case it must be in a positive, constructive manner
  6. Show positive participation and input in all classroom activities
  7. Complete daily assigned classroom responsibilities without being asked
  8. Follow the school and class rules consistently and encourage others to do the same
  9. Turn classwork and homework in on time
  10. Write a request to move to level 3

Students at this level may:

  1. May bring or purchase ONE soft drink per day.
  2. May sit with a group of level 2 and 3 students at lunch.

The student will write a level request before being considered for a move to Level Three. This will be based on the students consistently demonstrating and modeling behaviors conducive to learning, acceptance of responsibility, and completing tasks with a positive attitude. Students must be a positive part of the classroom community and committed to helping others to be also.

LEVEL THREE: Green Leadership

At this level the student is expected to:

  1. Continue to meet the standards of the previous levels
  2. Be respectful to all people in all situations
  3. Show positive leadership and take the lead in helping others succeed; encourage others to be and do their best at all times
  4. Accept responsibility for actions, both positive and negative, and make positive changes when a problem is identified
  5. Set goals to return to the regular school setting
  6. Solve problems and handle difficult situations calmly
  7. Be willing to help staff or students when needed
  8. Be a positive role model in the classroom. Guide new students in learning rules
  9. Do the right thing, even when no one is looking and encourage others to do the same.

Students at this level may:

  • Walk to the restroom with permission, unaccompanied by staff
  • Contribute to a pizza fund to have pizza delivered on Fridays
  • Drive to and from school


The Achievement Academy will use a variety of behavioral strategies to help students to be able to control their own behavior including time-out/isolation, writing assignments, extra homework and cleaning assignments.

An automatic drop to Level One will result if a student commits the following violations:

  • Leaving campus after arrival (skipping)
  • Smoking on campus or possession of tobacco products or lighters
  • Physical or verbal aggression toward anyone
  • Stealing
  • Damage to school property

I have read and understand the rules and policies of the Lawrence County Achievement Academy and agree to abide by them.

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